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Stefan's Pilot Web
Thank you for visiting our web site ;-) Currently we are making many improvements, and changes...We appreciate your patience with the webmaster...Hej då!


This website is created for future pilots and pilots.

Our Mission is to help future pilots and pilots from Scandinavia/Europe to get the 
best start possible in their Aviation Careers as Professional Pilots in airplanes and helicopters. 

We make certain future professional pilots get the best start in this many times perplexing career!!! 
I got started in this Aviation Career myself, not too long ago, and I know from experience how rough this start can be...
Now I will use all my experience to help YOU get started!!! 
My job is to help YOU get the best information available to reach Your goal of getting hired as a Professional Pilot !!!

  • No flight experience?    

I make sure all the research is made to guarantee you get to the best flight school!

  • Have flight experience?    

I make sure you get started in the best program to get the experience needed to get hired!  

Briefly about myself:
my name is Stefan Tönners and I grew up in Järvsö, Sweden.
In June of 1988 I left my job as a teacher in Sollentuna, outside Stockholm, to become a Professional Pilot!
IT WAS A HUGE STEP for me, but I have never regretted it.
I now fly for one of the best airlines in the world; Northwest Airlines, the fourth largest airline in the United States with over 6000 pilots!
Here is how I did it...

  • North American Institute of Aviation. Las Cruces, New Mexico. This is where I started my initial FAR 141 accelerated flight training.
  • Eagle Flight Center. Portland-Hillsboro airport (HIO), Oregon. My first commercial pilot job as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), CFII & MEI.
  • Horizons Unlimited. My first FAR 135/Air taxi job, also at the HIO airport. Government fire contracts in Alaska. An awesome experience!!! Aircraft: Aero Commanders (AC500)
  • Horizon Air. My first FAR 121 job based at the Portland International airport (PDX), Oregon. National airline.  Aircraft: Dash8 (DHC-8)
  • Northwest Airlines. My Major Airline job!!! Aircraft:DC9.

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Horizon Air/ DHC-8 in PDX (Portland, Oregon).
(Click on pictures to see them in full size!)

wpe3.jpg (3085 bytes)Hillsboro Aviation/Airman's Proficiency Center (APC).

I have represented Hillsboro Aviation since 1993 and I am very familiar with this excellent flight school. You can read more about Hillsboro Aviation on that page!  

Contact Information

612-825-9449 USA
612-825-9449 USA
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4712 12th Ave. S 
       Minneapolis, MN 55407
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General Information: stefanusa@aol.com
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Webmaster: stefanusa@aol.com



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